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Inspired by Traditional Persian Architecture

Traditional Persian architectural elements, including doors, windows, ‘Orsi’s, ‘Badgir’s (wind-catchers), and the like, have inspired the works in this series.

During the course of this series’ creation, I made travels to many different regions in Iran, taking photos and documenting elements of traditional Persian architecture from historical sites.

By combining such elements with basic volumes, such as cylinders and cubes, I created the “Distance” series.

By using traditional elements and motifs were not only to commemorate the ancient tradition of Persian architecture. I used elements such as doors or windows to create and entrance to this world, wanting to eliminate the distance between the present and the past.

Some works from this series were first exhibited in 2013 (Seyhoun Art Gallery, Los Angles). The complete series was shown later that year in Vali Art Gallery in Tehran.