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Modern Sculpturesque Jewelry

Banafsheh Hemmati’s most recent works are expressive and complicated. Portrait and design come to an association, and the ornamental aspects along with the variety of texture and form indicate now-a-day jewelries. Hemmati brings abstract forms next to the faces seemingly her self-portraits, and adds to them aspects whose complications come from contemporary sculptures; thus creates her jewelries beyond conventions. The Arabesque in her previous works was out of architectural features, where as in her recent works they are more flexible or transforming. At the same time, they are like covering forms on the faces or they complete them. Hemmati’s works, as the jewelries of Salvador Dali and Alexander Calder have sculpturesque features. Besides, the structural aspects of these works define a relationship amongst delicate lines, surfaces and volumes which are sometimes transformed and altered. The association of design, body and face, is an approach seen in the works of artists of Art Nouveau. But in Hemmati’s works symbolic features go together with contemporary; and one can find new exercise of design that in a scale of a piece of jewelry is spectacular and thoughtful.

Behnam Kamrani